View Full Version : Is this a good deal? (Desktop)

11-07-2009, 2:55 AM
I started looking at desktops and came across this. My wife needs one for some photoshop/graphics stuff. Her old IMB T? laptop cant handle all those big new programs anymore.

Is this a good deal for the componets inside?.


I know diddly Squat about desktops. I've been using Toughbook for the last 8 years.

Would a Dell XPS 9000 be a better choice?
I red some good and bad things about ASUS Essentio CG5290 also?


11-07-2009, 8:18 AM
The price is okay.

A more important question is what kind of budget are you looking at? Also, do you prefer a home-built system, or a big-name manufacturer one?

With a custom built machine, you can squeeze the most performance out of it for the amount of money you're willing ot spend. BUT you lose out on the one-stop-shop for warranty work.

If you go with a big-name computer, the performance won't be as good, but you do get the big-name level of support and service.

11-07-2009, 8:26 AM
its okay pretty fair i would get a bettwe power supply though

11-08-2009, 7:58 PM
I guess DELL XPS 9000 will give me a large brand name with customer service and warrenty.