View Full Version : New gun purchase additional fees?

11-06-2009, 6:50 PM
I'm going to be going to Big 5 and Turners tomorrow to compare some shotguns. I was just curious about retailers policies about DROS fees for new gun purchases. I've bought PPT before and that was $35, but do dealers tack on $35 to a new gun purchase or is the DROS paperwork included in the sale price?

Thanks for any input.

11-06-2009, 6:54 PM
It should just be the $35 DROS/dealer fee for a gun purchased through the dealer. A transfer into the FFL is something different. The only extra payment will be the 80% CA sales tax. We're up to 80% now, right?

11-06-2009, 7:16 PM
Thanks. I think we just went up to 163% sales tax. If not, it will be here soon.