View Full Version : Cabelas's Ammo sale

11-05-2009, 5:47 AM
Get it while you still can. They are still shipping to CA. Oh and if you order $150 or more you get free shipping

11-05-2009, 6:53 AM
I recently switched from Remington to PMC so ordered 1200 rounds for $479.99 from my favorite store. Free shipping but there is an $8.00 handling charge which I have no idea what its about. Still a good buy which comes to .39 per round.

11-05-2009, 7:56 AM
I got the email about the sale also. I wish they had some lead free rifle calibers on sale! Heh.


11-05-2009, 8:46 AM
This isn't a sale. I bought 1200 rounds of PMC a couple months ago for the same price.

11-05-2009, 9:36 AM
Their Cor-Bon DPX 9mm +p is $10 more than my local shop, which has been know for high prices!!!!

This is no sale in my book. I'll stick with Ammosurplus, ammoman and ammunitiontogo.