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11-03-2009, 5:44 PM
Hello Calgunners, Have a question to ask you smart people...If you have a California compliance rifle and you modify the lower, meaning alter the lower magwell, can you put a bullet button and is it still legal or does ATF or DOJ get involve? Thanks in advance

11-03-2009, 6:35 PM
Not sure what you're asking...what do you mean by "alter the lower magwell"? If you mean weld the magwell shut like a bushmaster or a fab-10, then you don't need a bullet button & you can have all the evil features (ie. flash hider, collapsible stock, pistol grip, etc.). Also, make sure whatever lower you're working with is OLL (off list lower).

11-03-2009, 7:40 PM
I believe the OP means he has a welded magwell Bushmaster already and wants to know what he should do in order to open it.

Put a bullet button in it first (assuming it has a mag release? I've never even held one) before openning up the magwell to stay legal. Refer to this flowchart to see what you can and can not do:http://www.calguns.net/caawid/flowchart.pdf

11-04-2009, 7:22 PM

11-04-2009, 8:00 PM
Lower Receivers cannot be legally modified in California. All such rifles must be sent to Texas for processing. I will do this at no charge. Unfortunately all rifles processed cannot be returned to California due to DOJ promulgations. I will however send you a nice 8x10 glossy photo of the modified rifle, yours to treasure and keep as a memento.