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11-03-2009, 2:38 PM
*** UPDATED Tues 03 Nov 2009 - see below in RED ***

As many of you know, the city of Richmond, CA has a local ban on high capacity magazines (those holding over 10 rounds in the caliber for which they were designed).

Richmond's local hicap mag ban is more severe than California state law regulating magazines, and can effect quite a few folks who legitmately own hicap magazines (including, apparently, LEO nonduty guns, etc.) I also note Highway I80, a major route, passes thru Richmond's limits, and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (part of 580) does as well.

Thus, a "preemption" challenge of this law, by NRA's California lawyers at Michel & associates (Chuck Michel, with able assistance Clint Monfort and Sean Brady) is underway, please see http://www.calgunlaws.com


(I'd like to borrow Charles Schwab's ad slogan, "Talk to Chuck!" but you'll actually be talking with Sean Brady initially.)

Desirable plaintiffs should either:

live in Richmond, and otherwise legally possess hicap magazines
for otherwise-legal firearms;

have a legal reason for passing thru Richmond on a regular basis with high-capacity magazine(s) for otherwise-legal firearms.

NEW/UPDATED: anyone with a CCW and legit hicap magazines for their carry piece.

NEW/UPDATED: anyone who fairly regularly avoids Richmond while travelling with
hicaps. An example might be someone in in North Bay who shoots at Chabot and
takes a more indirect route to Chabot (thru SF to Bay Bridge->880) to avoid Richmond.

NEW/UPDATED: If you have travelled, or do travel, to or thru Richmond with
hicaps. Remember you are talking to an attorney and have privacy/privilege.

1. THERE'S NO CHARGE TO YOU... Wayne's picking up the tab!

2. Your real name won't be used in suit: you'll be a "John Doe" plaintiff.

In relation to this matter, Chuck & crew are especially interested if you legally possess one or more of the following firearms:

Bren Ten
Brno CZ-83
Grendel P-31 Auto Pistol
Goncz High-Tech Long Pistol (9mm, .30 Mauser, .38 Super)
Heckler & Koch SP89
Korth Auto Pistol
Mountain Eagle
Norinco 88SP
QFI Victory MC 5
Vector CP
Steel City "War Eagle" Pistol
Steyr GB Double Action

(Don't ask why, just think.)

Since those possessing hicap magazines within the city limits of Richmond are in violation of law, we strongly recommend you do NOT disclose here, or any other public forum, that you do possess a hicap magazine within the city limits of Richmond.

Again, if you do participate as a plaintiff, your real name will not be used in the lawsuit and you will be a "Doe" plaintiff.

If you do fit the description of a potential plaintiff, or know someone who does, please contact attorney Sean Brady
Michel & Asssociates
562 / 216 - 4444.
You can safely discuss your legal situation with Sean.



1. We'd appreciate keeping this thread clear of comments.
And most of you all know there's no privacy on the Net, so
any posts/queries here under your userID could be traceable,
and associations (incorrect or otherwise) could be made.

2. Try to be a fairly close of a match as possible. Random driving
thru Richmond, or "I could drive there if you want me to" is not
what we're looking for - especially when there are people who
drive thru Richmond regularly to shoots or when otherwise legally
transporting a legal firearm on a fairly regular basis thru there.

3. I will reiterate that Chuck has repeatedly told gunnies to
"not be a martyr". Don't be silly - let's do things right!

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