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04-27-2005, 12:38 PM
I guess this fall under law if it is Legal in California to convert your sks to this


Any feed back would be greatly appreciated

04-27-2005, 1:02 PM
If your SKS does not have a detachable magazine, then it should be fine. You're not making any permanent modifications to the rifle.
Personally, I don't like those stocks. They make the rifle seem bulky and make field stripping a PITA. If you really want a dragunov-style stock for your SKS, go with Choate and not Fiberforce.

04-27-2005, 3:05 PM
It's not California law that you have to worry about. It's fedral law, and more specifically 922(r). The pistol grip is considered "non-sporting" therefore not permissable on an imported rifle. The only way legally would be to take off all the non-sporting objects or beat the 10 or less imported parts to make it a U.S.A. built rifle. This can be done by buying a U.S.A. made non-detatchable magazine, gas piston, the smaller gas rod, stock and replace the modified GL with a U.S.A made muzzle break or or no GL at all.

04-27-2005, 3:46 PM
Rascal's got it.

Additionally, it appears just about any substantive changes to a rifle imported under C&R guises - no matter if you purchased it from your FFL in a regular fashion or bought it with your C&RFFL - may cause it to lose its C&R status. And you can't make an importable rifle into a non-importable one.

The C&R status can trump 'sporting use' criteria. But once you lose that, you have to go back to the 10-or-less US parts game to get it considered as a rifle with enough domestic content.

So really to replace a stock on an imported C&R rifle with, say, a Butler Creek one - even without a pistol grip! - you are risking C&R status.

I'm sure many dealers/FFLs don't even know this, and the ATF doesn't seem to be jumping up & down. (Violation by end user likely, worst case, results in loss of rifle. It's not as severe as violating the now-sunset AW Ban, NFA, etc.)

Bill Wiese
San Jose

04-28-2005, 1:22 AM
short version:

that's a 'thumbhole stock' according to CA DOJ

04-28-2005, 6:19 AM
Originally posted by Draven32:
short version:

that's a 'thumbhole stock' according to CA DOJ

That's not an issue since it does not have a detachable mag.

04-28-2005, 10:40 AM
Thank You very Much Rascal do you have any recomendations on where to purchase those parts ?

04-28-2005, 11:23 AM

Do you know when your SKS was imported?

If it was before 1991? 1989?? it was just imported as a regular rifle and you don't need to play the "10 or less" parts game.

SKS Survivor's Forum has more info on this.

Bill Wiese

04-28-2005, 6:29 PM
The gas piston and rod come from Tapco. The 10 round non-detatchable mag from CDNN. And like Trempel said, go with the Choate stock. It is the better of the two.
Before you go through all of this, can you tell us what kind of SKS you have? This might make a differance.

05-02-2005, 1:59 PM
yugo model 59

Thanks guys But I am havin a hard time locating the magazine CDNN doesnt seem to have it and antoher site is sold out

05-04-2005, 1:18 PM
Took this from THR Legal forum... thought it might be of interest:


I sent this letter to BATF on April 11 2005
I have recently purchased a Yugoslavian SKS for the purpose of target shooting. To that end, I would like to remove and replace most of the original parts. I am contacting you to verify the legality of this plan.

<LI>Remove bayonet
<LI>Remove bayonet lug permanently
<LI>Remove night sights permanently
<LI>Remove grenade launcher permanently
<LI>Remove grenade launcher sights permanently
<LI>Remove cleaning rod permanently
<LI>Cover threaded barrel permanently w/US made muzzle break (solder)
<LI>Replace Yugo bolt carrier with Albanian bolt carrier
<LI>Replace single firing pin with a two-part US made Ben Murray firing pin safety system
<LI>Replace Yugo stock w/composite US made Ramline stock of like configuration including gas tube.
<LI>Replace all springs with US made Wolff springs
<LI>Install a Weaver US made telescopic sight base permanently on receiver frame
<LI>Replace fixed 10 round magazine with fixed 5 round magazine
<LI>Replace fixed sights with US made Williams sights

Please be aware that I live in NJ and the requirement of this state requires a fixed magazine of less than 15 rounds on this weapon. Past that, the state does not specify much about these rifles. I do not want to be in violation of any of the thousands of federal laws when it comes to refurbishing this 40 year old rifle.

18 U.S.C. 922(r), imposed in 1990, prohibits "assembling from imported parts any semi-automatic rifle or any shotgun which is identical to any rifle or shotgun prohibited from importation. I am not aware of any 5 shot rifle without bayonet, grenade launcher, night sights, or exotic stock that falls under this restriction but I just want to be safe.

Be aware also, that New Jersey does not recognize the C&R FFL III statutes, and this rifle was obtained legally thru an FFL dealer and complied with all Federal and New Jersey laws as received.

The BATF's response is

of which key information is here:

You describe a semiautomatic SKS type rifle with no bayonet, no bayonet lug, no night sights, no grenade launcher, no threaded muzzle, with a composite fixed stock, with telescopic sights, and with a 5 round fixed magazine. From the discription provided, it appears that a semiautomatic SKS style rifle in the above configuration would not be prohibited from importation as a sporting firearm under section 925(d)(3). Therefore, assembly of the rifle would not be prohibited under section 922(r) and 4789.39.

Bill Wiese
San Jose

05-04-2005, 4:27 PM
The bottom line is, if you want that stock from CTD, then you will have to comply with 922(r) by beating the 10 or less game, but if you don't have any "non-sporting" features you would be OK to put a Monte Carlo type stock on.