View Full Version : WTB ak-47 front hand guard.

11-02-2009, 8:32 PM
as stated, looking for an ak front hand guard. Prefer plastic, or a very dark wood. Does not need to be us parts, import parts ok!! I would even take a "take off" saiga front Guard.
No forward pistol grips, just regular hand guard..Let me know what ya got!!

11-02-2009, 8:45 PM
I've got an extra, brand new Saiga lower front handguard you can have. PM me your address.

11-02-2009, 9:13 PM
Check out my thread. Brand new never even taken out of the package.


11-07-2009, 1:45 AM
I have a set of polymer with heat insulation removed ( before the gun was fired ) from Henderson Defense AK 47 . Looks like a Galil .