View Full Version : 6X47 Lapua & 6/222 Rem Mag

11-02-2009, 3:45 PM
I've gotten into something I know little about, have to learn before I order reloading equipment.

Is the 6 X 47 Lapua the same cartridge as the 6mm/222 Remington Magnum?

I've ordered a "6 X 47" rifle barrel for my Contender, my understanding is that 6 X 47 brass is made by necking up the 222 Rem Mag's .224 neck to .244 and that's it.

Looking at dies & brass, I notice the 6mm/222 Rem Mag dies are expensive as hell. I'd like to order the 222 Rem Mag brass, size up the neck - then use a 6 X 47 Lapua die set for final sizing and seating. Possible?

11-02-2009, 4:15 PM
I dont think there the same , the 6x47 laupua is a neck down of 6.5x47lapua and is not based on the 222mag . the lapua version I would question the safety chambered in a contender , the case head diameter is larger and runs high pressure creating a greater backthrust .I would look carefully at the barrel you get ,I thinkk you will find it is a 6x47 but not the lapua.