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Eagle Five Zero
10-31-2009, 6:15 PM
First, a bit of perspective.

The self-defense shooting is one that all Firearms Owners and CCW permit holders prepare for but genuinely hope 'never comes'. My friend Steve is a police officer, former SWAT and an outstanding firearms instructor. I am an asset protection attorney by trade, a CCW Instructor by avocation and an outdoorsman, hunter, Scoutmaster, former military shooter and long-time firearms owner. We both like things that go 'Boom'.

One day while at the range we had a chance to discuss the fact that most tactical training and self-defense training involving firearms almost always answers the question "How To" but few deal with the issue of Now What?? So we co-authored an article about it from the perspective of both an attorney and a law enforcement officer. It's called "After the Shooting Stops: the Legal Aftermath of a Lethal Encounter'. It appeared in Concealed Carry magazine. If you like, you can ask me for a copy at EagleFiveZero@gmail. com

As both a CCW instructor and an asset protection attorney, I've decided to finish up a book project that's been underway for awhile. The book will focus on Lawsuit Protection for Firearms Owners and will have some very practical resources and 'lessons learned' and share with readers ways to protect themselves legally before the incident ever occurs. Out of respect to the valuable service this website offers, I will even offer free live training to any CalGuns members who wish to attend one of my workshops in 2010.

To make arrangements to attend, you can reach me at EagleFiveZero@gmail.com or through my Facebook Account as 'EagleFiveZero'.

Thank You sincerely for your support of our Second Amendment.

11-01-2009, 7:22 AM
I am curious, which issue of Concealed Carry Magazine was it published in? I want to break out my copy and read it.