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06-07-2005, 12:21 PM
If you have not already done so Write him or email him. If you want to copy parts of my letter go for it

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

As a Former and soon to be again California Resident, I urge you to veto SB357, the ammunition serialization bill. This bill will hurt California firearm owners for no appreciable gain.

I am a United States Marine, and every day the armed forces of the United States defend this Great Nation. We protect the freedoms that some people take for granted every day. Yet while we defend these freedoms, there are people that would like to restrict, reduce or outright ban some of the freedoms granted by the Constitution. SB 357 is the kind of bill that would do this.

The premise behind this bill has merit. The idea is that in a perfect world, if all handgun ammunition in California was serialized, there would never be an unsolved crime. The police would be able to determine who purchased the ammunition, and in conjunction with AB 352, determine what gun the bullet was fired from. But unfortunately this will not work, and we do not live in a perfect world.

SB 357 would make it illegal to possess any un-serialized handgun ammunition after 2007. But herein lies the problem. The Criminal element in California will not be deterred by this bill if enacted into law, just like they are not deterred by any of the laws currently on the books. If they were deterred they would not be called criminals.

This Bill will only affect the hard working law abiding citizens of California. It will increase the price and reduce the availability of handgun ammunition that is used for both recreational and sporting purposes, as well as Self Defense.

Many ammunition companies have already stated that the cost of serialization would be cost prohibitive and impractical to manufacture for the importation into California.

SB 357 will effectively accomplish in California what “The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence” has been trying to accomplish for many years. It would make an entire class of firearms unusable to the civilian populace of California. No SB 357 does not ban or order the destruction of any firearms. But instead it makes possession of un-serialized ammunition illegal, and anyone in possession of said ammunition a Criminal.

If the ammunition companies decide not to produce handgun ammunition that will comply with SB 357 for the civilian market, then it will render all handguns in California as unusable and unshootable. If there is no legal ammunition, the handgun cannot be fired. This will unfortunately only affect the Law abiding citizens of California, not the Criminals. The Criminals will most likely resort to illegal importation of ammunition from other states.

There are other states that have tried to enact such measures and they have failed. Cost alone is one of the reasons. For SB 357 to work there would need to be a database of ammunition dealers licensed to sell in California. Then the dealers would need to report any ammunition sold, what type of ammunition, who it was sold to, and what the serial number of the ammunition is. This will quickly become a paperwork nightmare and burden to California, taking vital tax dollars from other critical issues.

If SB 357 was enacted into law, what would be the recourse of law abiding citizens that possess “un-serialized” ammunition?? Would there be a grandfather clause similar to the Assault Weapons ban? Or would all un-serialized ammunition be rendered illegal and possession makes you an automatic Felon??

I will be returning to the great state of California in March, and look forward to living there. But I ask you as Governor to protect my freedoms as I as a U.S. Marine protect the freedom of all American citizens.

06-07-2005, 6:51 PM
Nice. Very well written.

06-09-2005, 9:40 AM
I wrote to our Dear Leader as well, and his aides replied that he doesn't take a position until the bill comes to his desk. Nice.