View Full Version : Instructor question: Where did you get your waivers?

10-30-2009, 8:48 PM
Right now I just do NRA courses and I have an HSC class.
Later this year I'll be putting in for BSIS and Utah CCW.

Where did you guys/gals get your waivers of liability for shooting classes or classes in general?
I read the one in the NRA RSO Range SOP sample (Appendix 7).... but I don't know...advice?
I really don't like the idea of having a shooting class and not having a waiver of "don't sue me for everything I own"

10-31-2009, 10:45 AM
I use the one in the NRA instructor's manual, (probably the same as the RSO waiver, but I didn't compare them) which an attorney has overhauled for AZ specific law. When/if I start teaching in CA, I'll have him do it again for CA law.

Waivers are fine, but you still need a personal liability insurance policy. IMHO, it is foolish to conduct any type of firearms training without such a policy, with or without a waiver.

If you intend to teach for someone else, as an employee or contractor, ask them for a Certificate of Insurance naming you as an additional insured on their liability policy.