View Full Version : 922(r) compliance required when building a SBR??

10-29-2009, 6:46 PM
Hey guys -
Checked the awesome search feature but couldn't find anything on this exact point and I've seen a couple conflicting statements floating around so I'd like to get some hard evidence/links/ATF letters addressing this....I know all of what is required for building an SBR (ATF Form 1 + $200 + CLEO signoff etc etc) and I'm now in Idaho for the time being so my question is only the following:

If building a Krinkov from a parts kit (not converting but building after ATF approval), must it be 922(r) parts-compliant since it's an NFA Title II firearm??

Thanks in advance for your help - the legalities of such not only interest me, but at this point has become a necessity for my build!! :D

10-29-2009, 7:32 PM
922(r) really isn't all that difficult to follow anyway, why not just make it compliant? Furniture, pistol grip, receiver, trigger group, mag parts, etc.


10-29-2009, 7:34 PM
NFA did NOT used to be subject to 922R BUT some dumbassss had to go and POKE THE EFFING BEAR!! so now it appears NFA firearms MUST meet 922r also...thank you mr idiot wherever you bugged the ATF from.....

10-29-2009, 7:39 PM
It's not that it's hard to comply with, it's more out of principle.

Any link to support that DisgruntledReaper?? Thanks