View Full Version : WTB grandfather AR for Cali

10-27-2009, 3:29 PM
I want to buy a grandfather'd pre-ban AR-15 or similar. Shoot me a PM if you have something I might be interested in.


10-27-2009, 3:34 PM
the terms "grandfathered" and "pre-ban" don't really apply to CA law.

If you did not personally register an AR-15 as an assault weapon during the registration period, you can't buy one in an AW configuration now.

You can buy a featureless AR, or one that does not have a detachable magazine now. Look at hte AW flowchart for more info. http://www.calguns.net/caawid/flowchart.pdf

10-27-2009, 4:01 PM
Like the other post said. UNLESS you owned it AND registered it before the ban you can only get a AR with a bullet button or monsterman grip if you wanna use/ if you have detachable mags