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10-23-2009, 6:37 PM
It’s official, we’re working on a Women of Calguns calendar!
It will be a CGN fundraiser, and we’re trying to see if we can make this happen in time for the Christmas buying season…


This is a call for women associated with Calguns who want to participate!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Looking for a Few Good Gun Women:
- Women who are either Calguns members, or directly related to Calguns members… that means wives, mothers, girlfriends, daughters, sisters…

Existing Photos:
- Photos you may already have that are Calendar Worthy… some work can be done on photos if they’re not perfect, but basically any photo must be interesting, engaging, good quality photography and (if electronic) of sufficient resolution to be printable at full-sheet calendar size.

Photo Shoots:
- If you are interested in participating in a photo shoot, we will be doing some. No details are available yet, but this is a short-schedule project so they’ll be soon. You do not need to be a swimsuit model to be in the calendar, so if you have questions contact me.

- We are looking for a couple of pro or semi-pro photographers to participate in this project as well.

The FAQ:
- This is not a nudes-with-guns calendar so you can keep your clothes on.
- Yes, we are looking for women who will photograph well shooting, but you do not have to be a swimsuit model or under 25 to participate.
- Yes you will have approval/reject rights over photos - we won’t publish anything you’re not satisfied with.
- This is a fundraiser, so there’s really no budget, we’re all volunteering here to create an excellent calendar that will help raise funds for CGN.

If you have a photo to submit or are interested in participating, PM me and we’ll go from there.


LINK TO THREAD: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=234517

10-27-2009, 10:22 AM

10-27-2009, 10:37 AM
My cat is a gun nut, and she's a female, too. Would that work?

10-30-2009, 2:13 PM
ha! armed pets...

I'm seeing the captions now...
"... we're so 2A even my CAT is armed..."


11-02-2009, 6:49 AM
If you've contacted me or expressed an interest in participating in creating this calendar you should have a PM waiting from me. if you do NOT... drop me a PM because it means I missed you...

also, we're trying to get an idea of quantities, so if you think you might be interested, stop over here and let us know how many you'd be interested in...


Woohoo! this thing is happening!