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06-26-2005, 7:46 PM
Just wondering? If i attend a Gunshow in arizona, and i want to either sell or trade a couple of my rifles, what kind of paperwork is required? Do i have to register or go thru a background check for a trade? Do i have to register or go thru a background check for a cash rifle purchase after selling my rifles? I assume that i would have to register my new rifles when i came home to california, is this correct? Thanks for your help!!

06-27-2005, 10:31 AM
AFAIK, you cannot legally acquire any firearms outside of California. Federal law has provisions for you to do so, if you follow all CA laws. That's impossible, as an Arizona dealer or individual has no way to put you through the CA background check.

Unless someone else can point to something substantive, I think the best you could do is to get the seller to follow you to a CA FFL to do the deal.

06-27-2005, 10:38 AM
Hi, Hopi...

Welcome, looks like you're new here...

I do assume you're a CA resident...

For Selling
For all practical purposes, if you are gonna sell a firearm it must go thru an FFL dealer. So if you sell guns at a gunshow or privately, you gotta run them thru an FFL dealer. This applies whether you're inside or outside CA. You deliver the gun to the FFL, he does his paperwork and your buyer gets the gun. AZ shouldn't be much trouble, and FFL will charge a small amount - prob several 'transfer dealers' at the show.

By the way, gunshows are notorious for having BATF agents (or ATF shills under indictment or in a post-conviction/presentencing phase, trying to lighten their upcoming sentences) on the prowl, you don't wanna slip up. Be wary of anyone that asks you to do anything smelling even remotely illegal. Don't be a 'nice guy'.

{Also, CA DOJ agents do check Nevada gun shows - esp Big Reno Show - and I wouldn't be surprised if they check on AZ shows as well.)

For Buying
As a CA resident you also essentially can't directly buy guns from outside CA: you need to have a CA FFL dealer involved. If you see a gun you like, you can pay the seller but do NOT take possession of the gun: have him ship it to an FFL dealer in California. DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS ON IT AFTER YOU'VE PAID THE $$ - have seller take it to FFL dealer. You should prearrange with a local FFL dealer at home for fees, letting him know something may be coming via UPS, etc. You'll have to pay the CA fees, the service charge by your FFL, etc. to do the paperwork and you must wait 10 days in CA to get your gun(s).

A few other caveats:<UL TYPE=SQUARE>

<LI> Don't buy 'assault weapons'. You can't bring 'em into CA, and no CA FFL will import them. Be careful about buying 'borderline' guns: M1A rifles and Mini 14s, for example, must have muzzle brakes and not flash hiders.

<LI> Don't buy and import hicap mags back into California.

<LI> While out of state, don't buy an 'unsafe' handgun that's not on Calif. Dept of Justice approved list. You can't import 'unsafe' guns into CA and your CA FFL can't transfer it to you. (You can legally get 'unsafe' handguns _within_ CA from another CA resident via an FFL-mediated 'face-to-face' private party transfer ("F2F PPT").

<LI> Don't buy illegal ammo (tracer, etc.) and import into CA.

Bill Wiese
San Jose

06-27-2005, 3:32 PM
get your C&R license as soon as you can http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif


06-27-2005, 7:51 PM
Dont ya just love these questions.They must be bored right now,lol. http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif

06-27-2005, 8:23 PM
Thanks for the help!
ok, i forgot to include that i have a c and r license. I can buy face to face and bring back in as long as the guns are c and r and in my bound book, right? What is the procedure for fact to face private sales (non- c and r) for two citizens of AZ? I have vacation property access in AZ and I wanted to purchase an ar or uzi to leave at the property, would i need citizenship to purchase these rifles? What if a friend down there owned one that he wanted to sell to me, would i have to go thru an ffl dealer and/or register the rifle in AZ? Thanks for you help everyone!!!

06-28-2005, 7:20 AM
Just because you own property doesn't make you a resident.

Check w/ATF and AZ for what they regard as residency requirements. (AZ D/L or ID, vote, pay taxes, etc.)

Aside from C&R stuff, you CANNOT buy directly from another person in ANY STATE. As a CA resident you'll have to go thru a CA FFL.

Don't try to cut corners. It's not worth the few $ saved.

Bill W
San Jose