View Full Version : Just got my Washington CPL

10-23-2009, 4:54 PM
While in Washington for business, I had some time to kill so I wandered into the Tacoma Court building to apply for my CPL.

It was simple, applications and self-address envelopes were sitting there for me to fill out. Completed the form, handed it to the cashier, she printed out my permit, asked me to review and sign it, would I like it laminated for an extra $3. So I paid her $58. No testing, certifying, training, etc.....

I then proceeded over to the lady doing the fingerprinting. Both ladies were very friendly and professional.

My application was submitted on the 30th and my permit was postmarked on the 7th, so in about 2 weeks time, I have a permit that's good in most of the states I travel to.