View Full Version : Collective boycott of anti gun politicians

10-22-2009, 7:26 PM
Just a thought, many people running for office proclaim to be pro gun, especially the sheriffs.

The Orange county board of supervisors gave a no confidence vote on Sheriff Hutchens.

Should we consider a no confidence and non endorsement of all politicians who are hostile to our 2nd amendment rights.

I know at this time we are not big enough yet, but we are growing.

Many candidates cross endorse each other, so I realize I am asking us to force people to make a choice of not only refusing to endorse anti gun politicians, but by default they probably won't get their endorsements either.

The issue with the 2nd amendment is more than just gun rights, it is the whole bill of rights and that is how we have to present our position.

You thoughts, your votes, no wrong answers, we are after all a forum and we don't have political correctness, just good manners.