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10-22-2009, 9:22 AM
I recieved this e-mail a couple days ago. Has anyone heard about this?

*Subject:* Guns you own to be itemized on your 2009 tax return Attention Gun Owners and 2nd Amendment protectors: This came to me from another patriot This is a serious issue and we cannot be complacent—Take action and pass onto all of your friends

Senate Bill SB-2099 will require us to put on our 2009 1040 federal tax form all guns that you have or own. It may require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun. This bill was introduced on Feb. 24. This bill will become public knowledge 30 days after it is voted into law. This is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986. This means that the Finance Committee can pass this without the Senate voting on it at all.

The full text of the proposed amendment is on the U.S. Senate homepage,http://www.senate.gov/ You can find the bill by doing a search by the bill number, SB-2099. You know who to call; I strongly suggest you do. Please send a copy of this e-mail to every gun owner you know.| http://www.opencongress..org/bill/111-h45/text%7C

Congress is now starting on the firearms confiscation bill. If it passes, gun owners will become criminals if you don't fully comply. It has started. Very Important for you to be aware of a new bill HR 45 introduced into the House. This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009.| Even gun shop owners didn't know about this because the government is trying to fly it under the radar. To find out about this - go to any government website and type in HR 45 or Google HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009. You will get all the information. Basically this would make it illegal to own a firearm - any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless: -It is registered -You are fingerprinted -You supply a current Driver's License -You supply yourSocial Security # -You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at any time of their choosing. Each update, change or ownership through private or public sale must be reported and costs $25 - Failure to do so you automatically lose the right to own a firearm and are subject up to a year in jail.

There is a child provision clause on page 16 section 305 stating a child-access provision. Gun must be locked and inaccessible to any child under 18. They would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your gun safely away from accessibility to children and fine is punishable for up to 5 yrs. in prison. If you think this is a joke - go to the website and take your pick of many options to read this. It is long and lengthy.. But, more and more peopleare becoming aware of this. Pass the word along. Any hunters in your family pass this along.| This is just a "termite" approach to complete confiscation of guns and disarming of our society to the point we have no defense - chip away a little here and there until the goal is accomplished before anyone ever realizes it. This is one to act on whether you own a gun or not..

10-22-2009, 9:27 AM
Not real. Been posted a lot. You're gonna get flamed and told to use the search function.


10-22-2009, 9:28 AM
do a search here on HR45 and you learn all about how this is going nowhere.

10-22-2009, 9:34 AM
dude if you'd just typed in any combination of "tax return" and "firearms" into google you would see this is fake and has been going around for years. It woulda been WAY faster than posting here.

10-22-2009, 9:36 AM
Total FUD... been posted a bunch of times here over the past several months.

10-22-2009, 9:37 AM
Start here. (http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&hl=en-GB&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GZEZ_en-GBUS287US287&q=SB-2099+)

And if you're not satisfied with the answers, take a look at the NRA site. (http://www.nraila.org/legislation/federal/read.aspx?id=4925#)

And if still not satisfied, look at the Stickies in this forum. If there isn't a "Call to Action" - it aint real.

One way to always be appraised of this kind of stuff is to get involved with Second Amendment advocacy on the forum. We need the help. Lots of opportunities exist and we'd value your contribution. Special skills aren't needed.

Threads to help you get active are here (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=211631) and here (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/forumdisplay.php?f=170).

Thanks for being a part of the forum.

10-22-2009, 9:45 AM
This is the second time the OP has posted this and had it locked.

Jimmy2.8 please do not post this again.