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10-21-2009, 5:22 AM
Over the last year, I have sold or transferred three Remington 700 rifles to customers. All three were different models and calibers. Recently, one of the buyers brought his rifle back complaining about how poorly his groups were at 100 yards (4+ inches). I offered to test it with another optics setup. Yesterday, I took it to the range and set it up on a Lead Sled. Tried two different bullet weights and loads. Although I was able to get better than 4" five-shot groups, they were still 2-2.5".

Later yesterday, one of the other customers was in the shop who had also purchased a Remington 700 in .223. I was telling him about my experience with the first customer. He told me his rifle has been back to Remington twice because of the out-of-the-box inaccuracy problem he was having and it still isn't what he considers a good varmint rifle.

Curious, I called the third guy to ask how he liked his new Remington 700 in .243. He said it's in his safe and will probably stay there. He, too, was disappointed with it's out-of-the-box performance. He went back to his old Remington 700 rifle for hunting.

Have any of you guys heard similar stories? I'm hesitant to recommend the 700 now.

10-21-2009, 6:06 AM
I have heard from people online that Remington's QC has gone down quite a bit lately. Nothing local that I know of. I do more of the defensive gun sales and don't really do much bolt action stuff.

For a run of the mill bolt action I'd expect 2 inch groups at 100y with factory ammo. Too many people are hung up on MOA accuracy yet can't shoot as good as the gun can shoot.

10-21-2009, 6:33 AM
Ask Remington what "acceptable accuracy" is for factory ammunition, they won't tell you. The last Remington I bought shot between 2.5-3 MOA (with Federal GMM) so I had it sent back to Remington. They sent it back to me untouched, saying that it "met their acceptable accuracy standards".