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Half Cocked
10-18-2009, 6:31 PM
Does anybody know which of the candidates for the 72nd Assembly District Special Primary Election in November to fill Mike Duvall's vacated seat are pro or anti gun? The 5 declared candidates are:
Richard Faher - R
Linda Ackerman - R
Chris Norby - R
John MacMurray - D
Jane Rands - Green (probably anti)

10-18-2009, 8:07 PM
My gosh, I went to hi school with Chris Norby in the 60s at Fullerton Union HS. Very conservative and fair minded as hi skewl class prez; but it way back then.
Always a genuine, warm, serious and sincere guy, back then.
What sticks in my mind is that always, even when wearing a suit for student body gatherings, he wore his tennis shoes... Converse Percels?:)
funny that I remember that after all these years.
On the 2nd amendment? A lot of years have past, but I'd bet yes, pro.
Worth investigating.

10-18-2009, 8:35 PM
Chris Norby has had a pro-gun rep as supervisor - in fact he accused OC Sheriiff Sandra Hutchens of running "a misguided jihad" against OC CCWers.

He was also infuriated about Hutchens' use of OCSD sturmtroopers to intimidate pro-CCW audiences and OCSD deputies using cameras/optics to examine documents on supervisors' desks/podium. Norby has a fairly strong small-L libertarian streak to him too.

Linda Ackerman is Dick Ackerman's wife. I don't believe she has any real pro-RKBA drives other than issuing platitudes. I am not sure - and would be glad to be proved otherwise - but I don't recall the male Ackerman driving any useful/passable pro-gun bills in the past during his service in legislature. Ackerman can be regarded, IMHO, as part of the group that rendered the CA Republican party fairly irrelevant in CA.