View Full Version : WTB: CCI 40gr Round Nose .22lr Mini-Mags

10-16-2009, 10:08 PM
So my OCD is making me top off a couple of my ammo cans with the same brand, factory ammo that's already in them. And I need some of these to satiate this need. Weird, I know. But anyways, I need factory new/sealed:

1x Box of Remington UMC 250 Round 9mm Mega Pack
If you have more than 1 box to sell, I'll probably buy more.

5x Boxes of CCI 40 grain Round Nose .22lr Mini-Mag (100 rounds in each box)
Again, if you have more than 5 boxes, I'll probably buy more.

I'm NOT really looking for the CCI 36 grain Hollow Point .22lr Mini-Mags.

I'm located in Irvine, but can drive to meet you if you're within reasonable distance. I'm looking to pay standard prices. My OCD isn't severe enough to pay an exorbitant amount :p

Edit: Pending on both UMC and Mini-Mags. No more needed.

10-18-2009, 12:15 PM
Still looking for CCI .22lr Mini-Mags 40gr Round Nose