View Full Version : Found what I need! Thans Cal Guns!

10-16-2009, 3:39 PM
Found what I need for now, thanks to all that replied. Dean

Looking for factory fresh .45 ACP ammo please. Prefer to shoot Federal American Eagle 230 gr FMJ , Winchester 230 gr. FMJ or Remington 230 gr FMJ. Also the Georgia Arms 230 gr FMJ or their 185 FMJ or 185 gr. JHP ammo would be good also! I prefer to buy in 500 or 1000 round lots if possible but would consider 250 rounds of the mega packs or the like also.

NO WOLF ammo or reloads please!

Please let me know what you have, where you are located and what your asking price is. I might have some 9mm 115 gr ammo to trade if you are looking for that. I live in West Los Angeles but would be willing to drive a bit or pay for shipping if the price is right.

Thank you in advance for your assistence.