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Spirit 1
10-16-2009, 5:21 AM
Hi all!

Don't know if it has been discussed, but there's a sure fire way to stop the many anti-gun laws & change the ones already on the books.

California law has the provision for the Voter Initiative Process, where an Ammendment is initiated and goes on the next ballot for a vote before the common population.

It would take some highly skilled legal minds to get it right but this gives us the ability to reverse current draconian laws and even prevent others from ever being proposed. Of course some 'Anti-gun' laws have some good provisions in them, so those items should be ignored.

A well crafted Initiative covering the reasonable basic rights of gun ownership & use must be palatable to the common man on the street. We wouldn't want to swing to the opposite extreme and dash all chances of a positive vote outcome to pieces.

Some items might include:

'Shall Issue' on CCW with background check.
CCW Reciprocity with all other states.
Unrestricted ammuntition sales & ownership, no micro-stamping etc.
No gun locks or safes not required unless it's a family with small children.
Repeal of DROS law & waiting period.
No city or county 'Special Provisions' limiting firearms or ammo.
Repeal 'School Zones' & change to 'School Premises'.
Repeal some current vehicle carry restrictions.
10 year minimum for 1st offense 'firearm used in crime', no exceptions.
20 year minimum 2nd offense for same.
10 year minimum 1st offense 'Assault with deadly weapon'.
20 year minimum 2nd offense for same.
10 year minimum sentence for 1st offense narcotics sales.
20 year minimum sentence for 2nd offense narcotics sales.
5 year minimum sentence for 1st narcotics possession.
10 year minimum for 2nd narcotics possession.
20 year minimum sentence for 1st offense rape.
Life sentence for 2nd offense rape.
10 year minimum sentence for breaking & entering.
10 year minimum sentence for burglary, added to B&E.
Repeal loss of gun rights for all Domestic Violence.

There are obviously other provisions wanted for safe & sane firearms & civil protections laws in our state.

The key is to first, not go over the top in unreasonable firearms ownership & use demands that would render the whole Initiative unpalatable & scary to the common person.

Second, to add in new very desirable provisions for increased safety of California's citizens from the REAL cause of our problems: GANGS, DRUGS & FELONS! Force the courts to actually punish grave offenders and make the LEO's good work count for something! Genuinely & realistically make the state a safer place to live!

Such an initiative must be carefully worded to derail the anti's arguments before they can present them. If the Intiative is correctly worded, reasonable, and would drastically improve life in California for the average citizen then we & others like us can present it to the people to encourage their vote.

Such a thing depends on it being desireable to the average citizen, and having real & clear benefits to them personally by voting yes on it. That's why I included the crime & punishment provisions, and particularly rape penalties. The woman's vote on that aspect alone can overcome their fear or confusion on the gun provisions and help push it through.

My belief is we have expended far too much time, energy & reasources to unsuccessfully defend ourselves against attacks, where we should have taken the offensive position long ago. If we were to add in the right provisions that are extremely desireable to the common citizen's daily life & security, without going nuts on firearms provisions, it would sell itself to the average voter!

We could take back our state from socialist liberals who would disarm us before they further enslave us. Possibly it's too late to craft the Initiative and sell it to the public before this next election, I don't know on that.

10-16-2009, 5:52 AM
It's simple really, just convince thousands of people NOT TO OBEY the law.That's all it takes to win.Rebember the 19th amendment? No drinking? If enough SAY NO, we win.Laws are 99% volontary, we let this stupid state do this to us, civil disob. will win it for us.Rebember Guandi in` India? no revolution is required, only a revolution in thinking.If 10% of the gunowners said NO to all the gun laws in this state, the LEO Community will fall apart.

Spirit 1
10-16-2009, 6:48 AM
That seems more like wishful thinking to me. The law is the law and I sure don't want to be a test case on enforcement & sentencing provisions.