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10-15-2009, 12:21 PM
So...I've been seeing the military signatures at the bottom of some of the posts. I'm a disabled vet so I thought I would ask where they come from. DevilDog99 helped me out and pointed me to militarysignatures.com. I got an account and configured my signature. I followed their video tutorial on how to post it to a bulletin board. Then when I tried to download it to here, I keep getting a message "invalid file." I have tried it every which way I can but to no avail. I e-mailed the webmaster at the military signatures site and he was no help. Any help here would be appreciated, otherwise I have wasted my money and time with the militarysignatures.com folks.


10-15-2009, 3:53 PM
Build your signature
Right click on it and select "save picture as"
A screen will pop up in your "My Pictures" on your hard drive.
Save the picture (name it)
Go to photobucket.com and open a free account
Upload a picture to photobucket by clicking the "upload picture or video"
Select the signature picture and click "open"
When the picture uploads put your curser over it and three lines of text will pop up underneath it.
Click on the bottom line and then right click on it and then click "copy"
Paste it into the signature space of you calguns profile.