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10-14-2009, 8:28 AM
After disappointing news with regards to AB962 and the anti-gun positions of governor candidates Tom Campbell and Meg Whitman, I have some good news.

If you live in the CA 11th Congressional District, Brad Goehring (R) is running against Jerry McNerney (D), who is vulnerable. I asked Brad about AB962, and the exchange is below. Out of courtesy, I asked Brad if I could post his message here. He said sure, he just asked people to visit his site and perhaps contribute or help out. This district is winnable for a conservative...we should all help as much as possible through donations or volunteer work, as one more conservative in Congress benefits everyone.

District 11 Map: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/findyourreps.xpd?state=CA&district=11

Brad Goehring's Website: http://www.goehringforcongress.com/


MY MESSAGE (to the campaign site):
I am considering joining your team. California just took a huge state level setback with the governor's signing of Assembly Bill 962. This kind of thing may spread to the Federal level. I would like to know Mr Goehring's position on firearm ownership and rights. I am 100% with him on all other fronts.

San Ramon, CA

Hi Phil,

I'm probably the only candidate in the nation with a concealed weapons permit. Not only do I support protecting our constitutional right to bear arms, I actually live it. What California is doing to gun rights and the right to purchase ammunition is absolutely abominable, and furthermore unconstitutional. The federal government has a responsibility to uphold the constitution and if States violate that constitution to step in and prevent that abuse. I hope this helps answer your questions. Please let me know if you still have some questions.

Thanks so much,
Brad Goehring
Candidate, CD-11