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10-13-2009, 8:19 AM
I'm sure you all got this:


<< Please cross-post & distribute this CAL-ERT >>
<< Please cross-post & distribute this CAL-ERT >>
<< Please cross-post & distribute this CAL-ERT >>


CAL-ERT* 10/13/09 --- 9:00 AM*
CALIFORNIA LEGISLATIVE ALERT --* http://www.calnra.com/calerts/calert101309.shtml
This information is accurate at the time this CAL-ERT was written and originally distributed. The NRA Members' Councils of California will keep you informed as issues affect your gun-rights in California.


Earlier this year, Assemblyman Curt Hagman introduced Assembly Bill 373 related to the sales of handguns.* AB373 was sponsored by the National Rifle Association in order to streamline the ability for law-abiding Californians to purchase handguns.*

Now that Governor Schwarzenegger has signed AB962 into law, people are already becoming aware of the damage that it will do to California and it's citizens.* Therefore, the NRA and Assemblyman Hagman have agreed to amend AB373 into legislation that would repeal AB962.* The newly amended AB373 will be heard in the State Legislature in January of 2010 so we must be ready for these hearings.*

All of California's firearms owners, dealers, shooters, hunters, collectors, clubs/organizations, and ammunition vendors, should be prepared to join in this effort to repeal AB962.* This will not be an easy fight, but it is possible to win if we all stick together and act in an organized manner.*

We, the NRA, will have specific activities that everyone can participate in during this important effort.* Please stand-by and be prepared to help.* There is no good reason not to be part of the team.*

Read the NRA-ILA News Release regarding Governor Schwarzenegger's counter-productive signing of AB962 at http://www.nraila.org/News/Read/NewsReleases.aspx?ID=12998 .*

As a first-step in this process; please contact Assemblyman Curt Hagman and thank him for demonstrating his leadership by using his legislation (AB373) for this very important effort to repeal AB962.* His office phone number is 916-319-2060 and you can email him at http://arc.asm.ca.gov/member/60/default.aspx?p=email .*

More to come.................*


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