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10-12-2009, 9:21 PM
I know there a ton of threads around AB962 right now, and my post count is pretty low (major lurker). So please forgive me for starting this up, but let's please not forget who initiatiated this bill, Kevin DeLeon.

Yes, the Assembly & Senate passed it and the Governor signed it. However it was Assemblyman DeLeon's insistance on this bad legislation that brought it to bear.

And yes, his seat is well gerrymandered.

However, that should not preclude us from trying anything and everything within reason to prevent him from being re-elected.

That includes targeting him to the benefit of a primary challenge by another Democrat. Even one that may vote the same way.

Re-election and prolonging political careers are all that really matter to these pols, and anything we can do to impede that will absolutely be taken to heart. Just losing the spotlight for a moment strikes fear into these guys.

Even causing them to spend money just to fight barely plausible threats would have a tremendous effect. The message would be clear that messing around here will cost YOU your seat. Nevermind your cause, YOU are going home.

I know Gene & CGF have done amazing work ("more on accident than NRA on purpose") and would absolutely want to defer to them. But, remember how effective the Swift Boat Vets were against John Kerry as a 527 group that Bush could distance himself from? I personally think Kerry got a raw deal on his acutal combat record, but d@mn if the Swift Boat Guys didn't sink him outright.

Ghostvoting, carpetbagging during his initial campaign, improper donations... this guy has got to be up to something. It's a little late for me to come up with much else, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's not lose focus on Kevin DeLeon as the battle on AB962 continues.

10-12-2009, 9:31 PM
DeLeon is an issue, but who funds him? Who promotes him? He is the ant--who is the anthill? What needs to be stopped is the mechanism that keeps putting these gremlins in office, otherwise when you get rid of one you're just going to get the same thing again. The lawnmower model of political retribution needs to be changed to Roundup.