View Full Version : I want to fight but what's the point?

Corbin Dallas
10-12-2009, 12:52 PM
I see the benefit of fighting the powers that be here in California for those rights that I believe ALL citizens should have, but in light of the recent events of our "Great State" and those who have the power, I am left wondering why I fight?

Do I fight for my rights? Yes I do, even knowing these people only want to punish the bad without any regard for the rest of us.

Do I fight for the rights of those who would be impacted by the laws enacted here in CA? Yes, I fight for these as well knowing the laws passed here USUALLY filter to many other states.

But here I am, reading post after post about how important it is to protect ME from those that would do me harm. So I do what "I can" and I fight the good fight. I write e-mails, I call phone numbers, I educate myself and I inform others of what is proposed as law. I am not blind, I am not stupid, I am educated and I am opinionated.

But yet it would seem my efforts fall on deaf ears.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Public Service person, the only person you are protecting me from is the same person I do not fear... the law abiding citizen.

You fail to protect me against the illegal immigrants that come to our country with a criminal background, you fail to protect me against repeat DUI offenders who abuse our legal system with cracks big enough to drive their vehicles though and you fail to protect the most important resource we have against those who would permanently damage their views of the world, yes, the child molesters, AND you fail to protect the American people against the worst offenders of all, YOU.

You and your kind SUCK us dry of money, rights and dignity yet we continue to vote for you based on your LIES and trickery. You turn your back on us when we need you most and the only thing that motivates you is getting back in office for the next term.

When you start doing what is right over your personal needs, I'll start voting for you again.

Simple as that.

10-12-2009, 2:10 PM
BUT - my logic was flawed, and as was brought up by others, it's a bad idea to pin your hopes on a veto by a Governor who is a lame duck (last term), after it's gone through the Assembly and the Senate.

And his goal was (I'm guessing) to trade this for some kinda consessions in the water fight.

BUT - remember - the Senate and Assembly vote is public record - and I'll be taking it to the voting booth next time I VOTE!!!

And from what other members (smarter than I :) ) are saying, this is far from over.

So keep the faith. And read the accomplisments of the NRA and Calguns in the past. And I'm no Pollyana, but these two orgs are our only chance to keep things in check, IMHO.

Still bummed??? Hope that helps !!