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10-11-2009, 7:36 AM
So I'm in the works on another AR an SPR to be exact and I debating on which way to go.

I have MBUS's on a few AR's and some TROY's on some others.

I was thinking about getting these....



Anyone have any personal pros/cons with these?

I like my MBUS and TROY but I wanted to try something different. But before I fork out the cash for the Knights I thought I'd try to find some feedback prior.

Thanks in advance gunners.

- Dan

10-11-2009, 7:46 AM
that rear sight looks kinda funky. i have never tried it though, so it may be awesome. if you want something different, i can recommend the yhm sights. i love em.
my front sight is attached to the gas block, so that doesnt help much, but my rear sight is for a flat-top, and it gets 2 thumbs up from me. and its half the price of those knights sights.. sorry if this post doesnt help you much... i know it's not a direct answer to your question, rather a shameless plug for the gear i use. :D

10-11-2009, 8:40 AM
I have LMTs on my AR as I wanted the ability to quickly adjust for range and windage without having to break out a tool or guess at it.



10-11-2009, 8:43 AM
+1 for the LMTs. Or you can never go wrong with Troys.

10-11-2009, 8:49 AM
I have heard positive things on the KAC rear sight. I personally have never used one, but did handle one mounted on an AR while at a gunshow and it certainly had a minimalist feel to it. It had a slim profile, which didn't cover the rest of your target outside of looking through the peep sight. My only complaint is that it only has one aperture size; which I know isn't much of a deal breaker for a lot of people, but I like having the versatility and ability to choose between the two.