View Full Version : Zune player ( Please delete I figured it out)

10-07-2009, 3:45 PM
So I have a little 4GB Zune that I use for work and I am having a hard time finding an answer. I checked the Zune FAQ and supprt page and their forum but still no luck.

I originally hooked up and installed my zune on my old laptop that ended up crashing. So when I bought my new Laptop and hooked my Zune to download the software and update my playlist, I wasn't able to edit my old playlist.

So right now on the Zune player I have 11 playlist, 6 of which I can not delete ( since you delete the playlist via computer) and when the Zune program pops up those playlist don't show up on my computer screen.

Does anyone know how to delete those old playlist?
I have done all the new upgrades ( downloads)
Reset the Player it self, But no luck.