View Full Version : FN 5.7x28 SS192 or SS195

06-27-2005, 8:52 AM
Is there any law preventing shipment of SS192 or SS195 to CA? Has anyone seen this ammo for less than $50 a box, and has it in stock?

06-27-2005, 6:01 PM
Hmm, interesting question, I know of a few people who bought SS192 off of gunbroker and had it shipped into CA.

I don't know of anyone who has it in stock in CA, all I could find locally is SS196.

Going rate on SS192 on gunbroker seems to be around $40, SS195 seems to be around there.

06-28-2005, 9:28 PM
If I'm not mistaken, CA follows Fed definition of Armor Piercing. AP is prohibited in CA pistols but not rifles, if I've got it right.
The Fed standard is not performance based, it's based upon bullet construction.
The ATF has a descripton of what is AP for the 5.7.
The AP rounds are the SS190 and the Subsonic 193 (forgot the prefix)
Also check http://www.fivesevenforum.com for descriptions of ammo and other 5.7 topics.
That being said, SS192 and SS195LF (might not have suffix) are both CA legal.
I've bought some SS192 (~$40, $53 shipped)and have a bunch of SS195LF and SS196SR at near $20 on order if the vendors ever get it.