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05-31-2005, 7:56 AM
From what I have read on the "M-1 Carbines in Cali thread and the DOJ definition of an assault weapon, These are not considered to be "assault Weapons", but are banned from Cali because of the "Evil Grenade Launcher". My question is this, Is is legal just to remove the Grenade launcher and leave the threads on the muzzle so that one day when I leave Cali I can re-install the Grenade launcher? I am talking about a C&R eligible SKS, no alterations at all to it other than removing the grenade launcher and leaving the thread for it uncovered.
Hopefully someone will be able to answer this.

05-31-2005, 8:10 AM
Most M1 Carbines are Type III assault weapons if they have evil features. That is, they are banned by feature and not by manufacturer + model #/name.

If you have an M1 Carbine that does not have evil features (pistol grip, folder stock, and/or flash hider) you are OK.

SKS rifles are similar, except it can't be an "SKS with detachable magazine" - gotta have the fixed mag.

Barrel threading is NOT an issue on California rifles (it is on semiauto pistols) and only related to the old (now expired Federal AW ban.

Just get rid of so-called grenade launcher and replace it with a muzzzle brake or fake flash hider - that way your threads are protected too.

My Yugo SKS 59/66 comes from InterOrdnance "California ready": the G.L. is covered up by a pipe/tube cover to remove its functionality.

[BTW if you are bringing this rifle into CA from out of state do not bring in any hicap magazines (those holding 10 rounds or more): it's not been legal to import hicaps in CA since 12/31/1999. However If you were a CA resident before this date and had hicap mags in CA you are allowed to retain/use them.]

Bill Wiese
San Jose

05-31-2005, 1:58 PM

How satisfied are you with the Interordance SKS? Thinking about ordering one. Have you shot it?


05-31-2005, 2:35 PM
The last 2 SKS I got from intrord were VERY nice.

They were better than the rifles we waited 5 month for.

That much said they kinda suck to deeal with and their CA mod is hit or miss as to the quality of the workmanship.

imported_EOD Guy
06-01-2005, 5:48 AM
One thing to remember is that possession of the grenade launcher is the violation. It doesn't matter if it is on the rifle or not. See Penal Code Section 12303.

06-01-2005, 5:07 PM
I have an interordance rifle that came with a sleave welded on the launcher. This was an unissued rifle and is very nice but the sleeve looked just okay. On the I/O guns the sleeve is welded onto the launcher but I think you could remove the sleeve and launcher if you wanted to put on a muzzle brake. It looks like one could cut the welds on the sleeve with a dremel to get it off the launcher then the pin could be knocked out of the launcher so it could be unscrewed from the barrel. Both the sleeve an launcher would be ruined. I went a different route and cut off the barrel, removed the front sights and replaced them with a chinese front sight. Here's my rifle: http://www.uploadyourimages.com/img/040518sporty_10.jpg