View Full Version : new RRA JAMMING 3RD round

10-02-2009, 5:54 PM
I went to the range today and a guy next to me had just picked up a new RRA M4. jammed on every 3rd round. Bolt was jumping on the feed and jamming the round.

We tried all types of mags and the only way it would fire a full mag without jamming was with older 30rd magazines, either mine or the sales staff. It even did it with my well used known good 10rd mags.

We contributed it to needed to get worked in and spring tension on 10rd mags were too much for the tight bolt??????

I feel bad for the guy and sales staff. They were very helpful, but they felt like crap selling a NIB gun that wouldn't shoot.

I told the guy to come here and find some 10/30 mags.