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09-28-2009, 11:06 PM
Up for sale is a 1970's vintage Colt Python, I'm posting this for a non-Calguns friend who is the original owner.

I've seen this patrticular Colt many times and it is easily 95% with only a bit of honest wear here and there. This fine revolver will come with:

** Original box, matching serial number label w/ original foam inserts,
** Original factory grips,
** Hogue monogrips (pictured),
** Pachmayr rubber grips

This Colt has less than 500 rounds total down the pipe (mostly .38 wadcutters, very little magnum ammo through it), and has been very well taken care of since it was purchased new.

This can not be shipped so a FTF transaction will be necessary. Meet at any Sonona County FFL or at Marin Firearms in Novato... SF Bay Area. Buyer will be responsible for all fees.

09-28-2009, 11:21 PM
Love those snake guns!

Good luck.

09-29-2009, 12:15 AM
Deal, I 2nd that!!!! Nice Snake!!!

09-29-2009, 7:44 AM
PMs replied to.

09-29-2009, 8:17 PM
Nice looking Python!

09-30-2009, 7:39 AM
PM replied to.

09-30-2009, 7:44 AM
And I though this was a porn free site!

09-30-2009, 10:13 PM
This one is SPF to CenterX... thank you all for looking.

09-30-2009, 10:38 PM
Congrats CenterX, my friend.

Glad to see you got it [read: since I couldn't have it]

Seller you have a good man there who will take care of that Python.

10-01-2009, 12:31 AM
This does not surprise me, congrats to the new owner. Now starts the search for some original grips.

10-01-2009, 6:24 AM
PM sent

10-01-2009, 8:39 AM
looks like the factory grips and box were part of the deal

10-01-2009, 1:29 PM
PM replied, thank you. And yes, the original box, insert and grips were part of this package.

10-03-2009, 12:54 PM
Gun Shop on Imola Ave in Napa in same building as Sweeney's Fishing Shop - 2 great places for toy's

10-03-2009, 1:35 PM
Snakes and Marlin levers, or so it would seem.

You're very welcome CenterX. I'm sure you'll give it the kind of attention that it deserves.

Did the gun shop have AB962 flyers yet? If not I'll head over there.

10-03-2009, 2:42 PM
Please remember Oct. 6 everyear, It was Mr. Hestons birthday. Think the obamster will declare it a National Holiday?

10-03-2009, 2:45 PM
Please remember Oct. 6 everyear, It was Mr. Hestons birthday. Think the obamster will declare it a National Holiday?

That is PRESIDENT Heston, thank you.