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09-01-2005, 11:10 PM
I have a friend that died, he had a decent sized collection. I'm not sure what the widow will be doing with the guns. I will not be mentioning it to her as I don't want her thinking I'm vulturing her for the guns but she knows I like guns though and that her husband I I used to shop for them and go shooting often. I don't want her giving all the guns to her brothers as my friend hated them but thats her choice and I won't get involved in their familmy matters although my friend would be rolling in his grave even though he told me he didn't care what happened after he died to the guns!

Anyways if I do end up gettig some guns from her do I have to do PPT with her, is she automatically the person who would have to do the PPT with me or could the duaghters do it?

I would want to avoid her any inconvience in her time of mouning so what I was thinking of doing since my friend is deceased is just submitting a form to the DOJ where I self register the pistol. I have heard this can be done in certain circumstances. More info about that and wheather this is a legal option in this case would be appreciated.

It does make me wonder, lets say I died suddenly, who would be legally intitled to sell my guns? My sister or my dad? I know they have to tell DOJ if they intend to keep them but if they were to be sold in a resonable amount of time how does that work?

09-01-2005, 11:50 PM
If there's no will, I believe it goes into probate and then it's decided who gets final say.

You may offer to appraise them, and help her get the best $$ for her, but I wouldn't push or offer to buy unless she willingly offered to sell them to me.

09-02-2005, 7:03 AM
Anyone who receives a handgun via a will / trust is exempt from using an FFL to perform the transfer. However, the beneficiary recieving the handgun must possess a valid HSC (Handgun Safety Certificate) and must register the recieved handgun(s) with CA DOJ.

An immediate family member may also receive handguns from wills / trusts AND intestate succession (meaning a person who dies without a will and the probate court awarded them the handgun(s)) but must also possess a valid HSC and register the handgun(s) with CA DOJ.

In CA, a surviving widow of a spouse who died intestate (without a will) can file a simple form with the probate court to request that all the deceased spouse's property (no value limit, and this includes real estate) be immediately transfered to the widow.

For your example, it's most likely that the widow will (or already does) have legal ownership of all your buddy's guns. That means for you to obtain any of them (assuming of course, that you are not mentioned in any will) will require a PPT.

How do I know all this? I am currently doing my own (and my wife's) estate planning (will, living trust, etc) and have done extensive research, as I have a collection of firearms that must be accounted for.