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09-24-2009, 7:15 PM
I arrived there after lunch, rather late today. A GREAT TRIP! The Amorer ( Leon Rutherford) was awesome and went beyond the call of duty for me. Save me money, swapped out a trigger group for me (no scratches). He Gauged over a dozen rifles, picked out the nice wood, broke em down to shoe wear ( non-existent) etc., etc. etc. I FELT LIKE ROYALTY, not a NEWBIE! Love that guy! He also threw in some free stuff!:eek:

I was looking at the 995 USD Specials with the new criterion barrels on the website. However the armorer, said the 795 USD specials were the same but cheaper ( only carried in the stores, not enough supply for internet sales.) In fact the armorer was so awesome he took a barrel from a 795 USD special, and a 995 USD Special and gauged them. My cheaper Garand gauged better (1). Although he said that didn't mean it would shoot better, although I HAVE A SHOOTER FOR SURE! HELL OF A DEAL!!!!! Great visit, efficient, courteous, professional, and helpful. No more looking for Garands on the internet! I GOT WHAT I WANTED!

FYI- By the way They didn't have anymore 192 ammo cans BUT THEY DID HAVE 240 Ammo cans! :43::eek:

My Garand dated 1954, Springfield Armory, all matching parts and appropriate serial numbers. Only the stock is new. NO WEAR ON THE OP-ROD. No Rust, no wear. LIKE A NEW DAMN GUN. I'd rather have this one than a new M1A actually. Just me. Thanks everyone! Hell of a day!

My Garand will arrive Monday, and the Ammo later ( 3 to 5 days ground)! i saw box it up and everything! Just damn awesomeeeeee!!! Yeah! :D If you are 2 states over or maybe 12 hours away (Drive) I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO THE STORE. More things there than website! Also GREAT to have those armorers to yourself. i went during the week on purpose, right during lunch. NO ONE WAS THERE. A few people trickled end after me. Thanks everyone who contributed to my earlier threads. Still learning guys!!

09-24-2009, 8:11 PM
Where is the store? Is it open to public?

Rule .308
09-24-2009, 8:32 PM
CMP South is in Anniston Alabama and yes it is open to the public but you need to be a member of the CMP to purchase. Check it all out at ODCMP.com

09-24-2009, 8:44 PM
Where is the store? Is it open to public?

yes open to public and in Ohio

09-24-2009, 8:52 PM
yes open to public and in Ohio

There are actually two stores, one in Ohio ( North store) and one in Alabama ( South Store). Both open to public.