View Full Version : itchy trigger finger, time for ASR session

09-24-2009, 12:02 AM
i`ve been waiting for cooler weather but I can`t take it anymore! I`m heading to angeles thurs. for some 91/30, 03 and sigthing in of my new ar HB sitting on a preban RAW lower from olympic. no ten rd fix mags for this boy. broke into my case of yugo non-magn. heavy ball for my new 91/30. watch out steel target it`s steel banging time! also pulled 40 rds of pmc 150 grn. for my 03. pulled 300 rds. pmc and federal 55gr and some wolf 62 grn. never fired any wolf ammo before, should be interesting to see if my ar likes them. hopefully the range will be empty. of course CGM are always welcome to come by and say hello:)