View Full Version : Sale gun for a friend

06-05-2005, 1:31 PM
HI... all I want to sale a handgun but this gun is belong to my friend who is not in this country (USA).Can I do that ??? He is first owner of the gun.If not what can I do or wait untill he get back in. if U not original owner and do not have a sale reciver,can U still sale it??
Thank U all for help

06-05-2005, 3:38 PM
What kind of gun is it?

06-05-2005, 8:28 PM
Originally posted by Blue84s10:
What kind of gun is it?
is Taurus 92 compact and Taurus 908.gun with me but the owner is not here in US now. He get a job in Asia,may be will take some years for him to come back in.