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imported_EOD Guy
10-09-2005, 7:16 AM
I recently visited two different gun shows and was frustrated in two purchase attempts.

The first was at the Cal Expo Show. I saw a P38 that was one of the Russian captures that recently came on the market. I was ready to purchase but the dealer insisted that a C&R FFL and COE did not exempt me from the waiting period. He said the exemption did not apply to handguns. I didn't bring my regulation book with me to show him where he was wrong and let it go after a few minutes. It didn't really bother me that much since it was an impulse purchase I wouldn't really miss.

The second, more irritating, incident was at the Reno Crossroads show this weekend. I've been looking for a nice S&W Victory Model for a long time and saw one I wanted at a reasonable price. The dealer would not regonize my C&R FFL and stated that California residents couldn't buy firearms in Nevada, no matter what kind of license they had. I think BATF has been emphasising the fact that Nevada dealers cannot sell to California residents without mentioning the fact that they are talking about unlicensed California residents.

It's frustrating to have a perfectly legal purchase refused because of ignorance of the law. I've had much better luck at the Big Reno Show and have purchased several C&R firearms there.

10-09-2005, 7:32 AM
I've run across the same thing at the Big Reno show, the dealers would not accept my C&R for a Walther PPK. So i basically gave up trying to purchase C&R firearms at these shows.

imported_EOD Guy
10-09-2005, 7:39 AM
I've had the best luck at the Big Reno Show with California dealers set up there. They seem to know the law better since they know they can only deliver C&R guns to other licensees while out of state. Any other sales have to be shipped from their licensed premisis.

10-09-2005, 9:27 AM
I used to travel a lot, and did a lot of looking in different states for C&R handguns. I found that many dealers don't have a clue about C&R details, and many are paranoid about selling to Californians as well.

If you can find someone who specializes in C&R stuff, you're OK, but those are not so common, it seems.

It's a shame, but there's usually not much to be done about it.