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06-26-2005, 7:04 PM
http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/bill/sen/sb_0351-0400/sb_...622_amended_asm.html (http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/bill/sen/sb_0351-0400/sb_357_bill_20050622_amended_asm.html)

Mike Searson
06-26-2005, 7:06 PM

Dirty Pool!

06-26-2005, 7:27 PM
The statists know it may not have a chance. 2009 yeah right!

It needs to die certain death.

06-26-2005, 7:50 PM
Guess they're trying to allow more time to figure out how they'll handle all the additional criminals this will create out of gun owners who don't keep up with frequent changes in gun laws.

06-26-2005, 9:22 PM
Originally posted by Mike Searson:

Dirty Pool!
That's the way I see it, too! They figure it wouldn't pass as it stood and now they may get few more votes that way "cause its a long way off."

Mike Searson
06-26-2005, 9:29 PM
Originally posted by Admin:
The statists know it may not have a chance. 2009 yeah right!

It needs to die certain death.

Agreed, this and the moonbat 352 bill need to go!

06-26-2005, 11:46 PM
Whoa, nelly!

If they bill's sponsors are revising it now it means it looks pretty dead in original form and they're trying to get on track again... esp. as they're pushing those dates _way_ out.

This reminds me of what the FCC was doing with position-location requirements for E911 service for cellphones. It was mandated to be active in 2000. Still ain't really operational yet: phone cos keep getting waivers it seems. Bureacrats, no matter how they view their power, can't make technology or markets move more quickly.

I didn't realize, but this is only an infraction or misdemeanor. No wobbling to felony even for multiple counts, apparently. But each box of 50 can be a separate count.

Despite being allowed to keep 'unmarked' ammo until 2016, if you took it outta state (i.e., went on hunting trip or went to Reno to shoot) after 1 Jan 2009, and had some left, you couldn't bring it back into CA afterward - that's (re)importation. By contrast, the SB23 hi-cap mag law specifically allows legal hicap mag owners to leave/reenter w/hicap mags:

PC 12020(b)(23) The importation of a large-capacity magazine by a person who lawfully possessed the large-capacity magazine in the state prior to Jan 1, 2000, lawfully took it out of the state, and is returning to the state with the large-capacity magazine previously lawfully possessed in the state.

Bill Wiese
San Jose

Mike Searson
06-27-2005, 7:35 AM
Someone needs to explore the connection between Bill Lockyergunsup and Ravensforge.

I think some skateboarder watching too much Judge Dredd/CSI while eating tofu and drinking bongwater came up with this idea and sold it to the old man.

We still need to keep the pressure on, folks.

Now more than ever. This could get the wishywashy types who were sitting on the fence to vote for it.

06-27-2005, 8:32 AM
Originally posted by Mike Searson:
Now more than ever. This could get the wishywashy types who were sitting on the fence to vote for it.

Yes, even if it appears to have gone 'sideways' it's even more dangerous now, just may take a tad longer (not sure). This means the bill wans't thrown out as a 'feel-good' "I'm working for the children" gig by Dunn, but as a serious piece of antigun work, which means he will stop at nothing to get this thru.

There's still the chance this is a stalking horse for AB352 (microstamping on autoloaders).

Not that SB357 isn't scary enough, but the hidden danger is that there's not a clearcut definition - which will be administratively determined by DOJ Firearms - of handgun vs. rifle ammo. Given that there's XP100s, T/C Contenders and AR15-derived pistols in a variety of common rifle calibers, this could bring rifle ammo too under same controls as serialized handgun ammo.

These people must be stopped at all costs.

Bill Wiese
San Jose

06-27-2005, 9:22 PM
If this thing passes, I want bullet manufacturers to NOT sell in CA.

Then I want a rebellion.

Mike Searson
06-28-2005, 5:46 PM
SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 28 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Two key state legislative committees in California passed bills today that would give California police new, cutting-edge technologies that would tag bullets with identifying marks that have the potential to lead police to criminals in what might otherwise be unsolved crimes.

The two bills passed complementary committees in the two state legislative chambers - SB 357 in the California Assembly and AB 352 in the California Senate. The Senate bill would mandate that handgun bullets sold in California be marked with serial numbers that identify the purchaser. The House bill would require that manufacturers of semiautomatic handguns sold in California be equipped with an innovative stamping device that would mark bullets fired with the gun.

It's all up to Arnold, now.

06-28-2005, 6:11 PM
Well, there really was no chance that these would NOT pass Sen & Assy public safety committees given majority-urban-democrat composition.

While it passed the Senate, it HAS NOT YET PASSED THE ASSEMBLY (just the assy committee).


Let them know you are keenly observant of their vote on these items, and that you are a one-issue voter.

In August begin to write letters to the Governor. Send them weekly. Esp important to send them in September when his veto 'window' is.

Bill Wiese
San Jose

06-28-2005, 6:14 PM
Who really thinks that these representatives are getting support for these anti-American bills? I mean I bet they've gotten all kinds of mail and most of it is against these bills.

The mention of a protest comes to mind again.

These bills have to go for a vote and then to the Governor. WRITE WRITE WRITE like bwiese says.

Mike Searson
06-28-2005, 6:22 PM
These *********** have their own agenda.

The liberal antigunners are sofa king stupid.

Have everyone in your family fax write and call...even if they live in other states!

06-28-2005, 7:35 PM
If you read the analyses of the Assembly committee there is a link to the company supporting this. After reading their Q/A I am convinced that anyone with a criminal mind and especially with the technical abilities could easily defeat this system. I think my 12 year old could even figure this one out. Check this out at


During my time in college the auto and industrial shops were filled with people who only attended school to use the shop facilities for their extra curricular activities - such as making gun parts. I've seen it done. So it seems to me we have trained these people with the technical expertise to defeat this right in our own school system.

06-29-2005, 12:59 AM
Are they going to do that "ghost voting" BS again, like they did to pass AB50 (the ban on .50 BMG rifles)???

Or if it doesn't pass this time, are they going to keep re-submitting SB357 over and over each year, like they did with AB50, until it finally passes someday???

Does anyone really and truly have any feelings that any of those idiot "legislators" up in Sacramento are even listening to any of us, or even really reading any of our letters, or even really caring at all about any of us?????????????

I, personally, get the feeling that each "legislator" tries really hard to get his/her bills passed just so they can "WIN" the game, not "LOSE", and get their name put up in lights! Sort of like getting in a bidding war on E-BAY. Or like "winning" in a murder trial, not really caring about if your client really is an axe murderer or not!