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09-16-2009, 3:20 PM
Everyone has seen the Swedish mauser with the marking disk that explains the condition of the bore, but has anyone come across one with a unit marking disk?
One of my swedes has one and I'm just curios if anyone else has seen them on these rifles. Its a M96 made in 1916.

The disk reads

K A 2

No. 1041

From what I gathered about this rifle, it was used at a civilian shooting organization in Sweden back in the day. Can anyone show me in the right direction about this disk?


09-16-2009, 3:45 PM
From: http://www.rawles.to/Mauser_FAQ.html

Info on the later 'two screw type' brass disk. (Used on the m/94 carbine,
the m/96 and m/38 rifles as well as on LMGs and SMGs. This type showed
which unit the rifle belonged to.


Often in the form of:

----- No.7

Which means; Rifle number 7, at the 5th Company, at the 2nd Infantry Regiment.

The letter in front of the regiment number (beneath the horizontal
I Infanteri (I1 - I29) Infantry
K Kavalleri (K1 - K9) Cavalry
A Artilleri (A1 - A9) Artillery
T Trängen (T1 - T4) Maintenance and Supply Troops
(Train Troops)
IK Ingenjörskåren Engineer Corps
(an earlier code for Engineers was IB)

Sometimes there is a letter behind the regiment.
This is the notation for a detachment, the letter is the first letter in the name of the place for the detachment.

Other army units;
KKS Kungliga Krigsskolan The Royal Military College
KS Krigsskolan The Royal Military Collage
SS Infanteriskjutskolan The Infantry Musketry School
SSÖ Infanteriskjutskolans The Exercise Company of övningskompani the Infantry Musketry School
AUS Arméns underofficersskola The Army Warrant Officers School
BF Fästningspolisen i Boden The Fortress Police in Boden
K-g Volontärskolan i Karlsborg The Volunteer School in Karlsborg
N-g Volontärskolan i Norrköping The Volunteer School in Norrköping

There could be a letter instead of a figure above the horizontal line
(and sometimes no regiment):

----- No.124

S Skarpskjutningsvapen Weapons used for practice with
live ammunition (aluminium disk)
L Lösskjutningsvapen Weapons used for blank firing
K Kammarvapen Weapons used for gallery shooting
B Befälsvapen Weapons used by Officers (for practice)
U Utlåningsgevär Weapons that could be borrowed by
civilian rifle organizations
D Kompanigevär Weapons that belongs to a certain company
vid infanteriet (only at Infantry regiments)

The disc could also look like:

----- No.72 No.5

Which means; Rifle number 5, at the 72nd Landstormen area,
attached to the 19th Infantry Regiment.
were defence-only units.

----- No.20

Which means; Rifle number 20, at the bicycle-dispatch unit
(velocipedordonans), at the 3rd Army Division (armefördelning).
Only on carbine m/94.

Some later codes or abbreviations for regiments or other army-units, that may appear together with a number:
Tyg Fälttygkåren (Tyg1-Tyg3) Ordnance Corps
Int Intendenturkåren (Int1-Int4) Quartermaster Corps
Ing Ingenjörstrupperna (Ing1-Ing5) Engineer Troops

Even later also;
S Signaltrupperna (S1-S3) Signal Troops
Lv Luftvärnet (Lv1-Lv7) Anti-aircraft Artillery
P Pansartrupperna (P1-P7,P10,P18) Armoured Troops
Af Armeflyg (Af1,Af2) Army Air Corps

Some weapons stored in the Armys Supply Services Armouries
IFS Intendenturförådet i Stockholm The Stckholm Armoury
IFK Intendenturförådet i Karlsborg The Karlsborg Armoury
IFB Intendenturförådet i Boden The Boden Armoury


There was one exception from this kind of 'unit'-disk.
The m/41 snipers rifle had a disk with the text;
'G m/41 B'

Which reads 'Gevär m/41 B' ('Rifle model 41B').


The Swedish Navy often used;
Kgl fl Kungliga flottan the Royal Fleet

The Navy used to be organized in four districts;
MDO Ostkustens Marindistrikt Naval Command East
MDS Sydkustens Marindistrikt Naval Command South
MDN Norrlandskustens Marindistrikt Naval Command North
MDV Västkustens Marindistrikt Naval Command West

The Coast Artillery (that belonged to the Navy) sometimes used;
SK Stockholms Kustartilleriförsvar the Coastal Artillery at Stockholm

(posted at KA1 in Vaxholm)
BK Blekinges Kustartilleriförsvar the Coastal Artillery in Blekinge
(posted at KA2 in Karlkrona)
GK Gotlands Kustartilleriförsvar the Coastal Artillery on Gotland
(posted at KA3 at Fårösund)
GbK Göteborgs Kustartilleriförsvar the Coastal Artillery at Göteborg
(posted at KA4 in Göteborg)
HK Hemsö Kustartilleriförsvar the Coastal Artillery at Hemsö
(posted at KA4H in Härnösand)
(HK was later changed to NK
and KA4H was changed to KA5)
It seems like the Coast Artillery also used the KA1 - KA5 denotations.

The Navy also used numerous other markings, like:

ÖVG Örlogsvarvet Göteborg the Navy dockyard in Göteborg

So the U looks like it means "Utlåningsgevär Weapons that could be borrowed by civilian rifle organizations"

I would guess the KA2 is the code for whatever organization borrowed it, and the No. 1041 means they borrowed a bunch of rifles. Just a guess though.

09-16-2009, 9:10 PM
just dug mine out of the back of the safe, it doesn't have the unit disk. it's an 1898 Oberndorff '96, complete mismatch, that's outshot damn near everything it's ever been compared to. go figure. good luck and happy hunting. if you don't figure it out, who cares, you still have a sweet-shooting, accurate swede. nothing compares...

09-16-2009, 9:51 PM
Ya, so i guess it is a civil rifle organization. has anyone seen a swede with a unit marking? I have never seen one, just curious how many are out there.

09-16-2009, 10:22 PM
i have seen a few. empire arms had them a bit ago for sale, but they got sold out.