View Full Version : *SOLD* 5 Magazines for Sig Trailside

09-16-2009, 2:46 PM
5 lightly used factory magazines for the Sig Trailside. All first generation model magazines purchased when I bought the Trailside in 2001. Each mag has been used less than 10x and show little or no wear.

$50 - Includes shipping to CONUS only. Paypal or MO.

NOTE: I have had up to 10% misfeeds when using these magazines (typically bullet nose jammed in top of barrel). No pattern to misfeed in mag position.
It could be my pistol or the mags but I've decided to sell them REAL CHEAP if someone else wants to give them a try.

No returns - sold as is. No guarantee these mags will function 100%.

Check my ebay profile (jpmac45) and rest assured items are just as described.