View Full Version : Malkoff Devices Mag Tripple drop-in with 1C custom hosts, charger and 2 AW C cells!!!

09-16-2009, 12:59 PM
Since most of you here are not familiar with li-on cells and chargers and bright flashlights I will offer my combo as a package. I have highly sought after Malkoff Tripple drop-in (discontinued) and AW C cells which are protected and discontinued.

Price is $275 for everything

Here is the items included:
Malkoff Tripple drop-in that fits both C and D size Mag lights. 100% regulated from 2.7v~5.5v.

A custom made 1C Mag light that has a UCL lens (10%~15%) more out the front light because it is AR coated. The Mag light was a shortened and bored to fit AW IMR C cells which are not protected and still available at lighthound.com

2 AW li-on black C cells. These will automatically shut-off when the cells are at their lowest point.

1 KD li-on C charger. This charger fits a single C cell at a time and when it is done charging it has an LED indicator. The charger is protected so, just put the cell overnight and it stops charging on its own.

This Drop-in for Mag lights is awesome. If you have a 3C or a 4C Maglight just take out the bulb and drop this module in and use your Alkaline or NiMH C cells and it will work too. MrGman at Candlepowerforums tested this and here are the results:
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________680.4__,___3 sec_______,
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________611.2__,__30 sec_______,
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________586.9__,__60 sec_______,
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________573.8__,__90 sec_______,
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________562.6__,_120 sec_______,
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________555.1__,_150 sec_______,
Malkoff Triple Drop_____,__Maglight AR glass,__________________545.8__,_180 sec_______,

Here are the pictures,