View Full Version : Channel 2 Tonight 10PM Burglar Alarms 2/14/05

Colonel Klink
02-14-2005, 5:16 PM
Channel two is promoting an article on the police not responding to burglar alarms. I called them and told them about the guns stolen from Mac's store. The guy I spoke to didn't know about the burglary. Let's see if they add that information to their story.

02-15-2005, 6:45 AM
They covered the breakin at Irvington Arms in the story on KTVU lsat night. They also had a convicted burglar in the story saying the policy would be great for crime. The police spokenmen just rattled of stats backing the cities case more alarms are false..

A local autobody show owner said it worried him and he would gat a gun. That Wolfe guy was in an other interview about getting people in Fremont to arm themselves..

They had a sound bite of BigMac, as well.

The story also said Palo Alto charges yearly fees for Alarms. Oakland charges fines for false
alarms. I still don't see the logic of NOT following Oakland or Palo Alto policy.

Fremont PD came across as idiots, am I am sadden for my city.