View Full Version : Angeles Range Report 9/15/09

09-15-2009, 7:36 PM
Was able to get away in between meeting, so I opted to try out a few loads for my Shilen Custom and R&D Precision Guardian; both 308 cal. Rifles. Shilen has Sierra BTSP 150 grn designation and the 155grn BTHP Nosler Palma for the Guardian.
I tried the ladder method for the Shilen and tradition groupings for the Guardian. Best 5 round group for the Shilen was .447" with a .5 grn spread (very surprise considering all rounds were .1 grn of powder different). The Gaurdian's best group were .561". Still have a lot of playing around with OAL and .1 grn increments. Overall, it was a nice break from the redarick of day to day meetings.

Temp: 74 F
3-5 mph winds

Rifle range was half full.

Meet a couple of nice guys (most likely Police Swat Officers) they were equipt with Tango 51 Rifles and HK416s (real deal! three round selector, 14.5" and all) kinda eyeing my Guardian since it has the Sirefire compensator which is also equip on the Tango 51. I let them try it since they were curious about the USO SN-3 scope and wanted to check it out.

Oh and lastly, they gave me all of their brass since they don't reload;)
Wished I have a chance to shoot the HK416 in full but I knew that would have been too much!!!

Also, this was weird, a guy was there with a AK and shot Wolf ammo, he was kind enough to leave the steel casings infront of the bench in the dirt where it will stay there for years to come....NICE! I wish the range officers would have said something... he was there for a while

09-16-2009, 11:12 AM
I never pick up the brass that falls in the dirt, just what ever is on my bench or on the floor and then put it in one of those buckets