View Full Version : Dry firing the Lee Enfield

Francis Marion
09-15-2009, 4:07 PM
Dry fire is great home practice to do in between range sessions. If you know the fundamentals of each position, sling use, and how to fire each shot "by the numbers", you can get tremendous benefit from dry fire, and can really nail settling right into Natural Point of Aim.

Conversely, dry fire just reinforces bad habits. Use with caution. (Say, where can a person learn the basics of good form, good technique, and NPOA? Why, at an Appleseed clinic. See www.appleseedinfo.org for shoot near you.)

If you want to set your Enfield up to withstand copious dry fire, give the mechanism a break with a simple twenty cent neoprene O-ring:

-inside diameter 1/4 inch,
-outside dimeter 1/2 inch,
-thickness 1/8 inch,

Cut O-ring once with a knife blade, and voila- you have a firing pin decelerator that slips easily onto and off of the firing pin shaft.
No snap caps necessary. Photos here:


You can dry fire that Enfield with no worries whatsoever, and, if you use proper technique, will notice improvement at the range.

And you need a target to dry fire at, attached, there's one based on 4 MOA squares and Army D targets simulating engagement ranges of 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards.