View Full Version : Practicing at WEGC last Sunday

09-15-2009, 12:07 PM
I went to the West End Gun Club yesterday to shoot in a practice match. I ended up bring my other White Oak Armament upper receiver which only has 200 rounds on it.

I wanted to test Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers since I plan on using this upper for competitions starting this upcoming Saturday (SMGC Camp Pendleton Open, Individual match), since my main upper's barrel is on the latter end of it's life.


The loads I'll be using this Saturday are:

200/300 yard line: 77gr Lapua Scenar, 24.0gr RL15, Lake City 03 brass, Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers
600 yard line: 80gr Berger VLD, 24.0gr RL15, Lapua brass, Remington 7-1/2

I would have used Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers in the 600 yard line load, but I already prepped the Lapua brass and primed them with Remington 7-1/2s several months ago. Granted, the Remington 7-1/2 is an excellent primer.

My first WOA upper, the one I started shooting High Power with, and LEG'ed out with, has exactly 3454 rounds on it. It's not much to many people, but I know the barrel is starting to go. It still shoots good groups at 200/300 and holds 10-ring at 600, but I had to bump my 600 yard load in that barrel a half grain because of a muzzle velocity drop. I'll probably use this at casual matches until the barrel just goes south and I'll send it off to have White Oak throw a Krieger on it. Yes, I could rebarrel an AR myself since I have tools, but I'd like John Holliger at White Oak to do an inspection of the rear sight and upper receiver to make sure everything's still good on it.

Anyway, I also ended up cutting a couple videos from some footage I shot yesterday. I posted them on my Youtube account.



In these videos is Michael Baggett, Distinguished Rifleman #1874, shooting his AR-15 Spacegun built from scratch using (IIRC):

DPMS A3 upper receiver
26" Krieger 1:7.7" barrel with a custom match chamber by Gruning Precision
Gary Eliseo float tube
Gary Eliseo AR-15 Spacegun stock
Jewell 2-stage trigger
Les Baer National Match slickside bolt carrier with DPMS bolt
Warner rear sight
David Tubb T2K front sight