View Full Version : Any upgrades or modification available for an HK USP .40?

09-14-2009, 4:13 PM
Like the thread title says, anyone know of any mods for the USP .40, like trigger jobs or parts? The pistol is awesome, just curious to know if there are any things to make it function better than it already is. I cant leave well enough alone. Thanks.

09-15-2009, 10:06 AM
Modifications: The USP .40 can not be converted to 10mm, AFAIK. But the USP .45 can be (with lots of effort). You'll have to talk to the experts on hkpro.com to figure out how to do that.

In Europe, you could get a conversion slide to turn your .40 USP into a 9mm USP; but you can't go to .45 (the frame on the .45 is bigger, if I remember right). In the US, this is kind of silly to do, as there are no restrictions on the number of guns we can own here, so if you want a 9mm USP, just buy one.

Trigger: You can replace the trigger group with the adjustable match trigger from the Elite or Expert. But if you want to do that, you might just as well buy an Elite (available only in .45 in California) or Expert.

You can change the function of the decock/safety lever (go from V1 to any other Vx), or get an ambi version. Contact H&K customer service for the required parts; this is a pretty easy do-it-yourself change.

Accessories: Wolff magazine springs. More reliable than the H&K ones.

Wolff main spring. I like mine, but Bruce Gray claims the original is better, so I'll change back to a factory one sometime. If you don't know who Bruce Gray is, look it up.

Night sights, if you're into tactical stuff.

Light, if you're into tacticool stuff. Not terribly many lights fit the USP's rail. I think the UTL light is the original light designed for the USP series; probably much better options are available today.

Holsters are kind of boring - there are lots of options. I use a Bladetech.

Thanks for the info. Im not wanting to change the caliber. Looking for trigger options and springs. I had the UTL light for a while, but it sat in the safe for ever, so i sold it. I have a few holsters, have a Comp Tac Shirt Tucker IWB that i like.