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09-13-2009, 10:49 PM
Hey guys, I just had to share my experience at Front Site from this weekend. This will end up being pretty long so I will apologize in advance but I think some background will put it more into perspective.

I am a veteran of the USMC and received a great deal from them around Veteran's Day. They sent me some coupons to attend the 2-day Defensive Handgun course that I could redeem anytime for only $100 each. This is a course that is usually $1000 (yeah, I know that is probably ridiculous for a 2 day course, but for $100...). So I bought 2 coupons so I could take my 20 y/o son out to get some practice and training.

I got the coupons, filled out the application, sent in the background check information, and picked a date when we both could get away. The earliest date was 9/11-12 and I received a confirmation from Front Site and got everything ready for us to attend our class. I don't know where I got the impression, but I have been under the ***umption since I received the confirmation that the class was a night class. It made sense. Pahrump, Nv is a very inhospitable place during the day in the summer time. Having the class at night would make it a lot more comfortable for the students, right??

So we showed up at the alloted time on Friday night, 6:30pm. It seemed odd to me that there was no other cars on the desolate road at that time of night heading to the class. When we got out of the truck, there was no one to greet us or inspect the weapons as was revealed on the website. I found someone driving by in a golf cart and asked where the 2 day class was being formed. I was informed that they were almost done with the first day and were about to wrap it up for the day. I told him that I was under the impression that the class was a night class. He told me that they only have night classes at Independence Day week or if you are in an advanced handgun class. He offered to call the operations manager to hash it all out.

At that point, I first met Rick Morello when he responded to the call. He again stressed that there were no night classes and that I was misinformed. He was at a loss to explain where I had gotten my information and he was distressed that we had driven out from Riverside, Ca and were unable to attend our class. He told us that we could not just jump into the class on the second day because we had missed too much information and training. I was beside myself and so pissed at my stupidity. At this point I believed that my only option was to drive the hour back to Vegas, pack up my stuff and drive the 4 hours back home...a total waste of my son's and my time. I could just imagine the nagging that awaited me by my wife for wasting money and time on a hotel room, gas, food, ammo....

With all this going through my mind, Rick offered to have us come back and attend the 4-day class without any further payment from us. The 4 day for the price of the 2 day. I thanked him for the offer and told him that I might just have to take him up on the offer, but I still was upset at the whole situation. He could see that I was troubled at the waste of time and resourses. At this point, Rick told me to come back in the morning at 7:30 and he would do SOMETHING to take care of us. We started driving back to Vegas, wondering how they could POSSIBLY make up for a totally wasted weekend.

The next morning we arrived at the alloted time and met Rick. He introduced us to Bill Cookston. He told us Bill would be our personal instructor for the day and that he was going to attempt to put us through as much as the 2-day course as we could get done in one day. He inspected our weapons, gave us the liability release forms, and started in with the lessons on an open range. We went through the entire first day and a half's lessons before lunch, made a little easier by the fact that he only had 2 students and one had firearms experience. The only thing he did not get to teach, demonstrate, and have us practice was type 3 malfunctions. He found out during lunch break that he would not be able to keep us in the afternoon. He would have to supervise one of the other ranges after lunch and told us we would have to join the 2 day students at the lecture and range practice after we were done with lunch. He then proceeded to go through type 3 malfunctions with us on his lunch break.

We attended the lecture and went, with much trepidation, to the range with the rest of the class. We thought that the other students had so much more experience and training than us, that we might look foolish and make some serious safety errors or breeches of etiquette. The bulk of the rest of the afternoon was range drills and malfunction clearing. As we found out, we were probably in the top 5, in a class of 50 students, in safety, weapons presentation, accuracy, speed, and clearing malfunctions. We were told by the Range Officer that he was impressed with us and that Bill had done a great job teaching us.

So...kudos to Front Sight for the great customer service. Thank you Rick Morello and Bill Cookston for taking care of me and my son. They took a weekend that was a total bust and turned it into one of the greatest experiences I've ever had on a range. Rick Morello and Bill Cookston are top notch folks and did everything in their power to make our experience a positive one. Rick Morello is someone who takes customer service seriously and even turned it up a notch for me and my son. Bill Cookston was a great instructor and even taught me a few things during our 1/2 day together. All in all, a great experience that my son and I will be able to share for a long time to come.

Oh..BTW...A thousand bucks for a 2-day Defensive Handgun course no longer seems out of whack to me. It is probably the most you will ever spend on a 2-day course in your lifetime, but Front Site constantly runs specials where you can get deals on their classes. If you can find one, I would highly recommend that you take their classes. I am seriously considering becoming a First Family member (for $5000 you can attend any of their classes for life). Their methods for weapons handling are awesome. They will not just teach you to point at a target and pull the trigger. They teach you how to properly load, handle, and present your weapon and what to do if you ever have to use it. They probably had between 500 and 750 people out there this weekend alone. Most of them probably found a deal and did not pay full price, but for any price, the peace of mind you can gain out of their courses, lectures, demonstrations, and practice is priceless. Go check them out.


09-14-2009, 8:42 AM
If you think that was fun, go take the 4 day M16 course. Youll burn through probably 2500 rounds and rub your nose raw on the charging handle. Definitely worth the drive and cost of lodging.

09-15-2009, 11:52 PM
It's nice to hear feed back from training classes and positive is better than negitive.