View Full Version : San Jose 'second Saturday' range event

09-10-2009, 11:34 PM
We'll be doing the second Saturday outreach or 'newbie shoot' this coming Saturday.....tomorrow...beginning about 4-ish PM.

This is held at the old San Jose Range, 1580 South Tenth St., in San Jose (just south of Alma Ave) Look for the old concrete block building, with the sign 'San Jose Municipal Firing Range' out front, just south of the fancy new City ice skating rink.

Everyone is invited, the event is 'free' but the idea is to introduce newbies to shooting, so bring a newbie. The newbies burn a lot of 22 in familiarisation fire, so donations of 22 rounds are gratefully appreciated.

See the 'thread' on this event in the womens' area here for further info, if you'd like.